Due to a change of your lifestyles as you may be too busy concentrating on your studies and settling into a new environment, you need toensure that you do not neglect your health. Below are a few guidelines to help you stay healthy while studying at YOUTH EDUCARE and what to do if you become ill.


i. Healthy Eating

Ensure that you eat healthy food in order to keep yourself healthy and warm. Try to include at least one item of food from each of the following groups in your meal:
- Bread, rice, pasta or cereals
- Milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter or margarine
- Fresh fruits and vegetables
- Meat, fish, eggs or pulses.


The cost of food in Londonvaries, and street markets are the cheapest place to buy food. Look out for special offers, and try shopping towards the end of the day when shops often sell goods at reduced prices.


ii. Registering with a Doctor

All learners must ensure that they maintain an active registration with a GP.


iii. Emergencies

In an emergency/accident, dial 999. You will be asked if you want the fire service, police or ambulance. You need to give your name, address of your current location, and describe the emergency. Wait until help arrives. You should only make a 999 call in an emergency.


iv. Eye and Dental Treatment

It is difficult to get eye and dental care on the NHS, so you may have to pay for private treatment, which may be expensive. All international students are advised to have their eyes and teeth checked in their home country before they arrive in the UK.


v. Other Advice

For further advice on any matter, or if you are worried about anything and need professional guidance, or just someone to talk to in confidence, please see our Student Welfare Officer.

NHS Direct: This is a confidential telephone helpline providing free healthcare advice and information. NHS 24 hour helpline is 111 in England.

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