General Terms & Conditions


1.                 Duly completed and signed YOUTH EDUCARE application form and relevant supporting documents should be submitted to the College.

2.                A conditional offer letter will be issued to candidates who have proved their intention of study and passed their Initial Assessment and interview conducted by YOUTH EDUCARE.

3.                YOUTH EDUCARE will provide general guidance and pointers to additional resources for potential sources of funding, and about typical living costs in London. However, the College cannot provide detailed financial advice and accommodation for students.

4.                The course fee includes all costs associated with student recruitment and admission as well as   the cost of tuition. Excerpt of YOUTH EDUCARE Fee refund policy is set out below:

a) Fees will be refunded in full if a student's application is declined by YOUTH EDUCARE.

b) Anyone supplying false information on the application form is liable to suspension or expulsion from the College before or after the enrolment and no fees will be refunded.

c) Once a student commences a course for more than 4 weeks and then discontinues for any reason, any fees paid will not be refunded.

d) UK/EU students who are funded by the SLC but whose tuition fee loan does not cover the full cost of tuition must pay the remainder of the tuition fees either in full before the start of their course or via an instalment plan agreed with the College.

e) UK/EU students in receipt of SLC funding who withdraw after 4 weeks of commencement prior to their fee being paid by the SLC will be personally liable for payment of the tuition fee for the period they attended College.

f) In the situation where a funded student does not wish to continue receiving financial support from the SLC, the student will be personally liable for the payment of the outstanding balance of the course fee.

g) If a sponsor should fail to pay some or the remaining tuition fee on behalf of a student, the student will be personally liable for payment of the outstanding amount. In this case the College may agree an instalment payment plan with the student to enable a flexible payment method.

h) Students on Government Funding will be charged a refundable deposit to cover the cost of their registration with awarding organisations. This amount will be refunded on successful completion of the course. You will not receive a refund for non-completion or decision to suspend or withdraw from the course after your registration fee has been paid to the awarding organisation.

5.                Students are required to register for their course on the date stipulated in their admission letter.  Students are not allowed to change, defer or withdraw from the course offered to them without prior written permission from YOUTH EDUCARE.

6.                Self-funding students who have received a discounted fee are advised that their tuition fee does not include the awarding body registration fee.  These students are required to pay their awarding body registration fee within the first month of enrolment.

7.                Students must attend all tutorials and lectures as per the time table. Failure to achieve an attendance level of 80% could lead to disciplinary action including suspension or termination from registration at YOUTH EDUCARE. Any absence should be authorised by YOUTH EDUCARE. Any suspensions or terminations will be reported to the regulatory authorities.

8.                Disciplinary action will be taken against students for any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct which can lead to termination of the student registration at YOUTH EDUCARE.

9.                During term time, students will not be permitted to travel overseas for holiday or to attend family functions, etc.  Students may be authorised to travel in case of emergencies that are clearly evidenced.

10.               For any student who wishes to discontinue the course mid-way, tuition and awarding body registration fees paid cannot be transferred to or adjusted for another student or applicant.

11.                Students are expected to be fully aware of the course offered to them as well as the facilities and services offered by YOUTH EDUCARE.

12.               Students are expected to adhere to the awarding body rules and regulations and all amendments thereof.

13.               All courses, modules and timetables are subject to change and can vary from time to time. YOUTH EDUCARE may change the contents of a course and awarding organisation but this would not affect those who are already enrolled and registered on a previous version of the course. For existing courses, YOUTH EDUCARE will provide ample notice of any significant changes (such as changes in choice of units and time table)  as soon as reasonably possible to ensure it does not affect the students’ ability to complete the course.

14.               The student agrees to purchase the recommended textbooks and relevant study materials prior to the commencement of the course.

15.               The student authorises YOUTH EDUCARE to disclose his/her registration, attendance and progression details to the relevant authorities including the funding bodies.

16.               The student authorises YOUTH EDUCARE to obtain his/her records and information from any educational institutions previously attended.

17.               All YOUTH EDUCARE students are expected to submit their course work by the set deadline and failure to comply will attract a penalty.

18.               Advertised courses will only run when YOUTH EDUCARE is able to enrol a minimum of 10 students per course. For this reason, YOUTH EDUCARE reserves the right to cancel a course by providing two weeks’ notice prior to the course start date and fees paid will be refunded in full or the applicant will be offered a provision to select another programme of his/her choice where the fees paid will be adjusted accordingly.

19.               YOUTH EDUCARE will provide equality of treatment for all regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.  Students who experience any form of unfair treatment at any stage of their academic journey reserve the right to complain via the College’s complaint procedures.

20.              YOUTH EDUCARE will provide a safe and secure physical environment for students studying at the College premises.

21.               YOUTH EDUCARE will provide good quality academic support and pastoral care delivered by suitably qualified academic and non-academic personnel to enrich the learning experience of all students.

22.              YOUTH EDUCARE will encourage student representation and take reasonable action to ensure that the feedback provided is taken seriously and reasonable demands are actioned in a timely and appropriate manner.

23.              Students are allowed to appeal against assessment decisions in accordance with the Colleges academic appeal policy and procedures.

24.              YOUTH EDUCARE will take all reasonable measures to support and provide services for students with disabilities or other special needs only if the needs are brought to our attention at the right time.

25.              YOUTH EDUCARE will protect all the personal information you provide in line with the Data Protection Act. Information kept about you will not be disclosed under any circumstances without your consent, unless required by the judiciary system or for national statistics (in the case of funded students).

26.              YOUTH EDUCARE will contact you if staff/students have any concerns about your ability to manage your studies and to support and advise you accordingly, referring you to more appropriate support within the College when applicable. In situations where the supporting staff is of the view that you may have a serious mental health issue and your fitness to study is suspect,  YOUTH EDUCARE reserves the right to refer you to your local GP with your consent. If you do not consent to be referred to your local GP, YOUTH EDUCARE reserves the right to suspend your studies and advice you to see your medical team for further assistance. Your reinstatement will be based on confirmation from your medical team that you are fit to return to College. Please note that the regulatory authorities including funding authorities (for students on funding) will be informed of your suspension on health grounds.

27.              YOUTH EDUCARE will endeavour to claim the final awards for qualified students as soon as it is reasonably possible. In the case of any delays in receiving certificates, the College will issue interim completion letters to students. This will serve as confirmation of a pending award until the original certificate becomes available.

28.              YOUTH EDUCARE will provide general guidance on career development and employability during your period of study. However finding suitable employment after achieving the qualification is the sole responsibility of the student



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